Cubba-bubba – DIY a chair prototype at home

Cubba-bubba is a 5 chairs and a table in one cube with size 900/900/750mm. It is designed to be produced in Rotation molding technology. In the cube there is a chairs in different positions – chair, lounge chair, easy chair, bench, stool and a table. To seat in the desired position you need only to rotate the cube.

It was really an enthusiastic summer – that was the summer with the first Bulgarian design biennial, first CHERGA summer workshop i was full with energy and ideas, so i decide to start with the Cubba-Bubba prototype.

Of course this wouldn’t be happen without the help of two of my friends – Nicky and Bogi. They did really nice job without mumbling 🙂 and i still feel that i owe some beers 🙂

In the beginning i was thinking to do a cube from polyurethane foam and to cut from it – the one that is used commonly for insulation of new window frames… but after a dosen of empty bottles:

i decided to do it in another way 🙂




So … here is it – first  i did sections of the 3d model and cut the foam into pieces and we glued them together:





after that i rubbed the whole piece down to achieve the shape of the final design – a bit smaller than in the drawings, as i was thinking to put fiberglass layers over the foam.





All this took us about three days.

After that i covered the foam with PVA glue – three coats, to prevent melting of the foam when i start with the fiber glass as i was planing to use not epoxy but polyester resin.

here is the next step – a lot of corrections and sanding, testing (of course) and sanding again… and again… and again 🙂





Finally, after about three weeks it was done – at least most of it.
for the final touches and painting it was sent to ELSA Design place and on September, 2009 the Cubba Bubba was demonstrated at 100% Design show in London – in the 100% Futures section.

I am happy to say that everyone enjoyed to play with the chair, there was a lot of people testing it in all the positions… in general: peoples liked it. Now i am after the kids verison and of course – will post it here as soon it is ready.